Sunday, December 02, 2007

I drew this one for a dentist office in New York. We had some fun with it, a bit of fantasy. Dentist practices tend to feel a bit like family, they love the idea of having all the gang drawn together. I printed it 16x20 and shipped it directly to the office.
Radio network in Iowa needed a backdrop ofr the wall in there box at the stadium. This became a cartoon map which was created in vector format. That means resolution is not a problem, no matter how big they print the art.
This one was for a Canadian guy about to be married. He wanted himself and his friends playing poker. The best part was drawing the BACK of the dealer's head.
Realtors are big on promoting themselves in new and fun ways. Must be the sub-prime mess. This one I recently finished, this nice lady wanted her image to be sitting on top of her logo. She loved the results!