Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My son, Justin has become quite the bowler, an activity he has been involved with since he was very young. These days, at 16, he competes in teen tournaments around the country and bowls for varsity at high school. A few days ago, Justin won his first title at a tournament in Ocala, Florida. He was in first place after 10 games on Saturday and stayed in first all day (12 games) on Sunday. It came down to a final game with the number 2 bowler. Justin has always performed under pressure. He seems to rise to the occasion. WHen other are getting tired and falling off, he just seems to get mentally tougher. Here's a video if you're interested in the results.

This illustration is from a California company that wanted the office in an ocean theme involving a whale. First, I drew the staff inside Moby Dick's stomach and underwater. They were worried if it visually translated to the viewer so I took them out of the water and put Moby in the background. Success!