Sunday, May 28, 2006

These guys were drawn at a late night party for a high school graduating class. I was working that day in the hot sun and by the time I had to draw at this thing, I was sooooooo freakin' tired. So I'm pleased how I was drawing this night... considering. Worked midnight to 4am. Best part was they were packing Starbucks coffee there. Lifesaver!
These were drawn with a Sharpie, BTW, which I usually don't use but it's fun to switch to a cheap pen once in a while to test your metal.

Here is a job I just finished... another group shot. I get many of these type of jobs. The computer made them so much more fun to do, clients tend to make changes and it isn't near the issue it was before digital. I usually create the faces first, finished in color, then arrange them on a high enough resolution page according to the layout that's required. Then I sketch out the bodied and background on a different layer. At this point I can show the client the layout and if I get approval I start inking and coloring the background. I can do these type of drawings pretty fast and the fee I charge seems like more because of that fact.

This is the first post of what I intend to be a collection of ideas and drawings. I split my time as an illustrator (which involves either cartooning or caricature). I spent the last 30 years drawing caricatures for a living. If there is anything I am somewhat proud of it is the fact that I supported myself completely on my freelance drawing abilities. It's evolved quite a bit as have I (maybe not quite as much). I made the transition to computer in the mid 80s and so almost everyting you see here is drawn completely on a Macintosh.. a really old Mac G3. I plan to upgrade as soon as I catch up to the expense of divorce and buying a house. In the meantime, my old G3 does a great job of letting me draw digitally, in a program called Painter and using a Wacom 12x12 tablet. Here is a group pic I just finished for an investment firm. This is typical of my freelance assignments.