Sunday, May 28, 2006

This is the first post of what I intend to be a collection of ideas and drawings. I split my time as an illustrator (which involves either cartooning or caricature). I spent the last 30 years drawing caricatures for a living. If there is anything I am somewhat proud of it is the fact that I supported myself completely on my freelance drawing abilities. It's evolved quite a bit as have I (maybe not quite as much). I made the transition to computer in the mid 80s and so almost everyting you see here is drawn completely on a Macintosh.. a really old Mac G3. I plan to upgrade as soon as I catch up to the expense of divorce and buying a house. In the meantime, my old G3 does a great job of letting me draw digitally, in a program called Painter and using a Wacom 12x12 tablet. Here is a group pic I just finished for an investment firm. This is typical of my freelance assignments.

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