Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 29... My birthday! and I am spending it working in South Carolina. But since I love drawing people I can say everyday I work is like a birthday. People are so appreciative when I hand them a paper full of lines, it never fails to amaze me even after 30 years. I remember drawing in the 70s, I loved drawing caricatures but I also took it for granted. I drew pretty much when someone paid me to draw. And I didn't yet realize that the majority of humans out there do not love their job. I mean really love it, where every day you work you are playing. Your hobby. Fun. Fun. Fun.

One of the things I love about my work is the travel, seeing new places, and especially meeting people. I meet many college students and it seems in many cases they are conditioned to believe one must work for a company, get a degree, etc. College is great for many, it wasn't for me. I just wanted to do what I wanted to do. I still had many lessons to learn, but I gave myself a chance to struggle and try to survive on my own, doing my own thing. Artists are lucky in a way... they know in many cases, at a very young age, what it is they want to do. Most students enter college and even leave college without any idea what they really want to do. Suddenly, they have 2 kids, a mortgage and are afraid to "start over" and find a job they are passionate about. A shame.

I am not taking my work for granted anymore. Happy 49th Jeffrey!

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